banana guard

banana guard

Last fall I was in the Oakville Hiker’s Haven store and I found this great little product called a Banana Guard.

One thing I dislike is a bruised banana and my little boy is the same, so I thought this would be great for his school lunches. If you ever saw how that boy throws his backpack to the ground you’d be surprised that anything in his lunch survives, let alone a banana. So, using my son as the tester, we put it through the rigors and it has held up extremely well, as did the contents.

The company says that it also protects the banana from premature ripening. I decided to do a test with two organic bananas from the same bunch. I put one in the Banana Guard and the other just sat in the basket on the kitchen counter. It seems that the guard does prevent the banana from ripening too fast. That’s another thing I don’t like — overripe bananas.

You can find out more about the Banana Guard and the companies other fruit protection products at