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This isn’t really a recipe but it sure was yummy—craveable actually.

This morning my little guy, Tobias, slept in. He woke up really hungry and asked me if we could have a fancy brunch. Generally we eat a very healthy breakfast but every once in awhile I make an exception.  I went searching through the pantry to see what I had and found some peach loaf that was starting to go stale. It was somewhat cake-like with a large piece of peach in the centre.

“This will be the perfect base for a very decadent French toast”, I thought to myself.

decadent French toast

decadent French toast

I proceeded to check to see if I had any maple syrup but that was in vain. I did have a jar of Earl Grey and Orange Jelly that didn’t set properly but was a nice thick syrup. There was also some whipped cream that Samantha had left at our place on the weekend. I also had some delicate Ceylon cinnamon in the spice cart. That’s the true mark of an obsessed cook—most of an entire chef’s cart dedicated to herbs, seasonings and spices. Now where was I? Oh yes, French toast.

I sliced the loaf into 1/2 inch slices that were about as big as the palm of my hand. I dipped each slice in a simple mixture of egg and milk with just a hint of madagascar vanilla. Then I pan-fried it in a little butter.

The slices were arranged on a plate with a bit of the Earl Grey and Orange Almost-a-Jelly poured on top. Then two little dollops of whipped cream, a few peach slices and a sprinkle of the cinnamon to finish. As you can see the syrup collected in the middle of the toast where the peach was baked right into the “bread”.

We ate it with a nice hot cup of tea and Tobias loved it. What a great treat on a Friday morning!