It was time for my tea break, a nice cup of Earl Grey with the energizing aromas of bergamot. It was also a perfect time to start my “100 Things” list which has now become “106 Things”. So here are 106 things about me (in no particular order)…

  1. I’m still in love with Bryan
  2. I have a gorgeous son, Tobias Connor (he’s 9 11 and I adore him)
  3. Kaia Noelle is my baby girl (I adore her too)
  4. I have a dog named Thomson
  5. I’ve been married 18 22 years
  6. I’m 42 44 46 going on 20
  7. Tobias and Kaia make me smile even when I’m really grumpy
  8. I love to cook (I guess that is a given)
  9. I adore Sushi and Sashimi
  10. I own an ezine called Outdoor Adventure Canada
  11. I love dragonflies and damselflies
  12. I enjoy backpacking and canoeing
  13. I love to write
  14. Purple is my favorite color
  15. Bryan is my best friend
  16. I am intuitive
  17. My best girlfriend, Sandi
  18. I live in a 130 year old house
  19. I love books
  20. I knitted a scarf – once
  21. I was a teddy bear designer
  22. I love needlework and sewing
  23. I’m passionate
  24. I live near the Grand River
  25. I am artsy
  26. I wrote two wilderness cookbooks
  27. I love watching Anthony Bourdain especially Parts Unknown
  28. Daisies are my favorite flower
  29. I love hot chocolate
  30. I have weeds in my garden (lots of them)
  31. I’m riding a bike for the first time in 23 years
  32. I love day hikes
  33. Chateau Neuf du Pape and Shiraz are my favorite wines
  34. I’m hot headed
  35. I’m a Saggitarius
  36. I don’t like Shepherd’s Pie
  37. I love to watch the birds in my garden
  38. Nature amazes me
  39. I collect kaleidoscopes
  40. My favorite movie is Chocolat
  41. My favorite treat is Lindt Dark Chili Chocolate
  42. I want to hike the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal
  43. I collect spices (like you didn’t see that one coming)
  44. I despise centipedes
  45. I shouldn’t drink Tequila
  46. I like spicy foods
  47. I don’t like it when people eat with their mouth open
  48. I like my neighbors and being part of a community
  49. I collect antique stereocards
  50. I collect tea cups
  51. I like to read, especially non-fiction
  52. I keep a cooking journal
  53. I like to take photos
  54. I collect rocks
  55. I collect things with dragonflies on them
  56. I have lots of herbs in my garden
  57. I’m a planner
  58. I love wind chimes
  59. My favorite cd set is “the Best of Cafe del Mar”
  60. I like folk music
  61. I dislike wearing socks and shoes (bare-naked feet are better)
  62. I work in my jammies
  63. I love coffee
  64. I love tea, especially Double Bergamot Earl Grey from Stash
  65. My favorite smell is Satsuma oranges
  66. I think Mission/Craftsman style furniture is beautiful
  67. Amethyst is my favorite gemstone
  68. I like silver and white gold better than yellow gold
  69. I love teddy bears
  70. I love to run
  71. I’m sentimental to a fault
  72. There is a slinky on my desk
  73. I collect Christmas ornaments
  74. I think snowflakes are amazing
  75. I am competitive but only with myself
  76. I’m moody
  77. I love to see the sunrise
  78. I love candlelight
  79. I have too many kitchen gadgets
  80. I watch the Weather Network
  81. I think water-gun fights are fun
  82. I like to play
  83. I married someone 9 inches shorter than me
  84. I tease my friends
  85. I am a flirt
  86. I always misplace my glasses
  87. I love vanilla ice cream
  88. I think wildflowers are beautiful
  89. I don’t like shopping
  90. I drink water out of a wine glass
  91. When I met Bryan I was a vegetarian
  92. I like foods no one has heard of like tempeh and quinoa
  93. I love peaches
  94. When Tobias goes to bed I sometimes play Zendoku on his DS
  95. I sing in the shower
  96. I like thunderstorms
  97. Negative people irritate me
  98. Gumbo is one of my favorite dishes
  99. I like to cuddle
  100. I’m not ticklish except for one spot on my…
  101. I think sand dollars are really cool
  102. I am obsessed with cooking
  103. I am diabetic
  104. I believe in Santa Claus
  105. I am not afraid of heights – I am afraid of gravity
  106. If I had fuzzy bunny slippers I would trip over them

…updated November 30, 2014.